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Upstate Ministries to Men is a [501c3] non-profit ministry that exists to provide resources to Pastors, Men's Ministry Leaders, church leaders and individuals who are wanting to begin a ministry to their men or who are actively engaged in ministry to men.
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Bob Shearer

For 60 years, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has impacted coaches and athletes for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in schools all across America. While we have had a “warm relationship” with local churches, the Holy Spirit wants it to become a “working relationship”. I am inviting local churches to embrace “Sport as Evangelism” and FCA as its mission team to reach school and community coaches and athletes and all they influence for Jesus Christ. Kingdom growth is becoming EXPONENTIAL!!!

Three things you can do to become part of my “Home Team”. 1. Pray that I will have God’s favor with local church leaders and the wisdom to present God’s vision clearly. 2. Introduce me to your church leadership team. 3. Invest financially so that we can expand this working relationship between the Local Church and FCA nationally, internationally and EXPONENTIALLY.